Amaranto (reddish purple), like the first colour of the rainbow.
A cocoon, a box, a container to face a sensory path in which the reddish purple colour can be seen, touched, tasted, smelt and heard. The colour is explored through the sensations of the dyed silk velvet as pigments are observed at the bottom of a glass bag.
Cross it – surrounded by a forest of tubes and LEDs, smell it- in a maze of hanging velvet and optical fibres, and taste it- in the pieces of confectionery that hide colours under the cocoa powder. And finally, the colour can be heard as you get lost in a dark and enveloping chamber in which sound becomes vibrating and sensations return to a nearly uterine dimension to discover what the reddish-purple colour is.
Size: 8 m long x 3.2 m wide x 3.2 m high
Sound designer: Painè Quadrelli.

Backstage Video


Florence, Cenacolo del Fuligno
Via Faenza, 42, 50123 Florence