Since the first of June, Anna Paola Cibin is exhibiting at the Four Seasons in Florence two tapestries especially designed for this extraordinary venue.
As it was required the tapestries could not be exhibited on walls- they are hanging from lacquered stands so they become nearly sculptured pictures.

Colorful sea

The first tapestry, entitled Colorful Sea, represents a school of colourful fish on white silk velvet, dyed with cornflower blue and ultramarine blue pigments.


The second Tapestry is entitled Greens and represents the greens of the Four Seasons park. It is painted on white silk velvet and dyed with green and ultramarine blue pigments, enhanced with gold foil details.

Joyful fish

At the feet of Bacchus, the symbol of this place, we can also find the work called Joyful Fish, together with the two tapestries.
It is a ‘sculptured fish’ about 90-cm long made of silk velvet with green and cornflower blue pigments.
It is painted with coloured pastes, enriched with Murano glass and embellished with Cashmere coils and precious metal small chains made by Il Borgo Cashmere.