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    The Eastern influences of works in Murano glass are already spotted in the creations of the beginnings of the Eighth Century.
    Glass sculptures by Anna Paola Cibin, executed following the technique of the Murano masters, are inspired in this tradition.
    Dragons, unicorns, fantastic creatures and other mythological animals from “Bestiario di Marco Polo” are made using blown glass with care for the smallest details.
    Special details, such as male and female genitals.
    They are fertility and birth symbols from the East, a place where life emerges, in contrast with the West, a place where life fades.

    Bestiario di Marco Polo

    La via dell’Erotismo

    Once upon a time there was a traveller.
    An exhibition that explores with an ulterior perspective fantastic and fabulous worlds, unreal and unusual, narrated by the young Marco Polo during his trips from Venice to China.
    A kaleidoscopic journey that, through a new interpretation of ilMilione (The Million), draws from a contemporary and unusual view the territories of fables, myths and fantastic tales to reveal absolutely unexpected aspects.
    Made in Murano
    Glass and tapestries.
    This project was published and presented by Berengo Studio.