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After majoring in the art of weaving and design at Istituto d’Arte di Venezia, she studied in London in order to further form her art in Venice and with master glassmakers in Murano. In 1997, she started her studies on printing on velvet, an experience in which she found her artistic identity. Raised among fabrics and Venetian art, she turned tradition into works of art: Unique and original works that reinvent the use of ancient powders for dyeing and the production of velvet. She prints, paints and enriches her tapestries with gold and silver foils, introducing of details made of Murano glass.
One of her collectors: Pierre Rosenberg, Louvre Museum Director


Velvet is pure magic that, with glass, amuses in a constant play of colours that appear and disappear depending on the observation point.
Velvet and glass, in their tactile essence, apparently distant and in contradiction, indulged with sensitivity are, instead, close and complementary.

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